HUMIDITY - Lash VIX Gold and Lash VIX Silver work best between 20-75% humidity. Please note that lower humidity will increase dry time and higher humidity will decrease dry time. 

SHELF LIFE- Lash VIX adhesives have a 3 month shelf life (unopened) and a 6 week shelf life once opened. 

MY CLIENTS HAVE SENSITIVE EYES CAN I STILL USE YOUR ADHESIVES- YES! Everyone should be able to have beautiful lashes. That is why we designed our Lash VIX Gold. It was created for clients who's eyes are bothered by normal adhesives or fumes from adhesives. 

HOW IS THE QUALITY OF YOUR ADHESIVES- Unlike most adhesives, Lash VIX Series is designed by actual Chemical Engineers, working along with Lash Techs to create clean adhesives with no fillers.  

RETURN POLICY - Lash VIX will try to do anything possible to replace damaged items. Please contact us through our Instagram (Lash VIX) or email info@ceccorp.ca



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